Review no 116: The Transmigration of Bodies by Mexican author Yuri Herrera

AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN Translated by Lisa Dillman This novella, first published in 2013, and published in English translation by And Other Stories in 2016, comes in at barely 100 pages, so I was able to read it in a single day. Set during a mysterious mosquito-borne pandemic, I found it to be a comically […]

Review no 25: Hanne Ørstavik, Love (Norway)

I loved this short, sharp shock of a novel. Think you’re a bad mother? It’s ok, you’re not as bad as Vibeke.

Review no 11 – Rojo (Red): film by Benjamín Naishtat (Argentina)

AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN First, you don’t need to know anything about 1970s Argentinian politics to enjoy this film, but I dare say it helps. Frankly I know next to nothing about Argentinian politics and I was blown away. Second, you may struggle to track Rojo down to a local cinema. My local Picturehouse in […]