Review no 32: The Chambermaid, film by Lila Avilés (Mexico)

AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN The Chambermaid (La Camarista), released in 2019, came up as a special offer, “film of the day” rental on the excellent Curzon home cinema app (a recent discovery), and I decided to give it a watch. My original plan had been to watch Roma (2018) as my Mexican film. With its […]

Review no 18: The Farewell, film by Lulu Wang (China)

FAR EAST, SOUTH ASIA AND AUSTRALASIA China/US film The Farewell premiered at Sundance in 2019, and has received glowing reviews. Lulu Wang, who wrote and directed it, emigrated from China to the USA as a child (like the film’s principal character, Billi, played by insanely talented rapper and actress Awkwafina, who also starred in the […]