For my 49th (eek!) birthday a few weeks ago my husband and I had a lovely night out, with cocktails at Smokey Kudu in Peckham, South London, followed by a delicious meal at the nearby Kudu Grill (about a 10-minute walk away from the cocktail joint).

The cocktail menu was interesting, and I tried the Braai Negroni, as a negroni is my go-to drink (the house is generally full of Vermouth and gin as my husband’s a drinks writer). Here’s a flavour of some of the menu:

I was worried the Kudu Grill might be a bit meaty for me, as I don’t do red meat. I do do chicken though, and the poussin, with miso velouté and pickled daikon was delicious (even if the picture doesn’t do it justice).

The husband fancied the dry aged T-bone, beer pickled onions and treacle bordelaise, but it only came for two people, so he was forced to go for the monkfish, with green mazavaroo, caper and samphire, which he said was excellent.

My happy face afterwards in the very flatteringly-lit loos:

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    1. It has changed so much since we moved into the area in 2004. It’s a strange and sometimes uncomfortable (not sure that the incoming money benefits the longer-established residents) mix of gentrified and not now. But there are undeniably lots of amazing places to eat and drink (and occasionally B list celebrity spot).


      1. Oh that is a long while so yes, a lot of changes. I don’t think New Cross has changed that much, which is where I lived longest, apart from probably the ethnic mix altering.


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